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Monday, 27 June 2011

An Introductory Disclaimer

This is not a music blog. Nor is this a beer blog. Nor is it any specific kind of blog, for that matter; so if you're after either of the above, look away now.

I've never blogged before. I've blagged a couple of times, but that's an entirely different thing. Yes, there will be music and beer stuff on here (I plan on having a regular band of the week, beer of the week and album of the month) but they will undoubtedly be crude and biased pieces serving merely to satisfy my own desire to share my skewed opinions with the online world, on the pretense that anybody actually cares. Which they probably won't. This blog will also include some general musings about the world around me; things that piss me off, things that don't, things that interest and intrigue me... all firmly underlined with my world famous sarcastic cynicism.

So, welcome to Hails 'n' Ales! If you care in the slightest about what I have to say, that's great, keep coming back. If not, you're probably of sound mind. 

Happy reading!

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