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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Incredible Hoppy Pale... from Thwaites?!

Things are pretty dire for the next couple of weeks. Back on monthly pay, I can't particularly afford to fulfill my alphabet commitment this week, so I decided to write about a beer I meant to write about back in November.

Thwaites released this absolute beauty in aid of the British Legion around Remembrance Day last year. On cask at Veritas in Leeds, it was, simply put, sublime. No one could quite believe where it had come from. Here are the notes I made that night...

Clear golden pour with a perfect head. Everything about the hops in this beer scream tropical - mango, grapefruit, melon, lemon and some orange are all present in the aroma and taste. Also rearing its head is that over-ripe fruitiness akin to Thornbridge Kipling, alongside a smooth, full mouthfeel leaving a lingering creamy aftertaste. Mouth watering.

Whether it was indeed brewed at Thwaites or under license somewhere else, it was a big hit with staff and customers alike. Either way, I sincerely hope they bring it out again at some point as I would certainly like to return to this beer.


  1. damn you, i did a g post set to automatic in anticipation! we're out of sync now. Enjoyed the tavern porter at NWAF and picked upa leaflet of their monthly specials for 2012, there's some tasty sounding ones in the lineup (altough the tasting notes are a bit naff)

  2. As you know i'm just a 'volume' lager drinker - but having read your posts over these last few months I realise you must give me a walk though with a couple of real beers next time we're in an apporpriate drinking establishment...!

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