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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sometimes, you just need a beer.

Some things today have made me think about beer, or alcohol in general, and the role it plays in our lives. Today was a sweltering day at the shop. Nowhere near as sunny as the weekend had been, but a close, humid, sticky heat that clung to me like the smell of dog turd on a shoe. So, after nine hours of waning endurance, it was a nice surprise when our resident friendly spectre GhostDrinker popped his head in the office door and asked me if I fancied a pint - to which my retort was "If you're paying!" (rather rude on reflection, but I'm skint).

A humble pint of Golden Pippin greeted me at the bar of Arcadia - but crikey did it serve its purpose. Pale and refreshing, this old favourite of mine really hit the spot and lifted me from my sticky, worn-out state into a relaxed euphoric frame of mind in which it was possible to get lost in conversation with friends and forget any ill thoughts the day had conjured. Coupled with a can of Caldera IPA I had prepared earlier for the walk home (as it conveniently resembles some sort of fizzy fruit juice), this made for a truly positive drinking experience and a good end to a long day.

One happy chap.
So, this got me thinking about how alcohol is viewed by those who really don't understand its relevance. I had also been reading about, and discussing, the increased tax on strong beers today, and conclude that the viewpoints of some people (especially some of those in power) border on insanity. I have had friends and family express concern about 'my drinking' before - nonsense! I enjoy a beer, I enjoy drinking and the benefits that come with it but never has it affected my life or health in a way that could even be considered close to negativity. The causes and effects of drinking are down to the end user, the consumer. If someone wants to get rat arced on 10 pints and cause trouble at the weekend, that's how alcohol serves a purpose to them. If someone wants to relax and enjoy one or two pints 5 days a week then that's how alcohol serves its purpose in their eyes. The quantity is the same, the context is very different. So, for us sensible drinkers, let's just enjoy beer; and as you sink that delicious nectar, let me recite the following lyrics from my favourite band:

Where I'm walking alone, thirst is my worst enemy
My measure of mead, treasure in need, up to the brim
One down on the heart can feel like the rain crying on dry desert sand
My story is sad, nothing to add, days have been dim…
Drink while you are able.

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  1. This is true,alcohol affects every person differently.Some people can take 1 or 2 drinks or 2 points and enjoy, its affects without experiencing ill affect,others may have what its could alcoholism disease and will not get any benefit about the alcohol like a beer or etc.