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Monday, 5 December 2011

Turns out the Zebra did it.

This week will see the beginning of a new lease of life for this blog. I've been ashamedly quiet on the writing front of late, simply because I haven't had anything all that exciting to write about. I was planning on doing a big beer blowout post from tasting notes I've been collecting over the last month or so, but instead I had a moment of inspiration (i.e. totally nicked the idea off a customer) - to complete a beer alphabet! 

'B' is for...

So, starting now, for the next 26 weeks (week three, C, conveniently lands on Christmas…) I will be taking you through two or three beers a week according to the most beautiful human creation there is, the English alphabet. After all, who needs SatNav when you've got an A to Z of Beer?!


  1. are you going by brewer or beer name? Perhaps this is something you could make bigger than one blog and ask eevryone to contribute a beer per letter!

  2. I was going to go by name, but that becomes a slight issue when you think about Trappist ales (some of which I will be including), so I'll make a few exceptions for brewery names :-)

    Good idea about contributions too. Do you mean in a kind of 'Session' format, or people send me tasting notes and I put them on my blog?

  3. I reckon like a session, though you could link in on your blog too, that way people can find your blog and other blogs too. May be more work than you were planning? I reckon it could work well I'd definitely join in!

  4. I'm pretty game for that mate, good idea!