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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Beer Alphabet Week 6 - F

Two classics this week, on a nice relaxing Sunday night after work.
With nachos
Fraoch Heath Ale from the consistently brilliant Williams has a fresh, grassy aroma, with small hints of malt, lemon and other citrus fruits with a slight pine quality too. The medium mouthfeel presents lemon and lime, hints of pine akin to the Alba pine ale, with an all-round grassiness. It has a great dry-ish fruity aftertaste which makes it hard to put down...

One of my all time favourites, Guinness Foreign Extra gives off a complex aroma of toasted chocolate malts, treacle, hints of coffee and underlying rubber. What a full, satisfying mouthfeel, mmm... dark malts, chocolate, coffee are all present in the silky smooth finish with an excellent roasted aftertaste.

Another letter conquered, another pleasant night's drink. What are your choices for F?

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  1. a sneaky f and g there that second one ;) mmm nachos