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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Goodbye, Beer Ritz!

If these shelves could talk... they'd talk about beer.
Most of you are probably unaware that the 31st December was my last shift at Beer Ritz. In November I was offered a full time managerial position at a Leeds music studio, and having done a degree in music production rather than beer retail, I could hardly turn it down...

It was a decision that made economic, personal and career sense; however, it was not without regret. Working at Beer Ritz was, quite frankly, the best job I had ever had (until now of course). It was something I was interested in and gave me tremendous scope for learning, socialising and generally opening up my mind to the world of beer. When I took the job I thought to myself 'this is the chance to really get stuck into the beer community', and that's exactly what I've found myself doing. Don't get me wrong, I'm total small-fry when it comes to beer blogging/tweeting/networking but those people who I have met through the job, I've found to be extremely decent, down to earth folk who I've had a lot of time for.

So without rambling too much, cheers to all those who I've had the pleasure of meeting in the last 7 months - you have all educated, inspired and motivated me in some way. And a HUGE Cheers to Beer Ritz & Beer Paradise and their continued success in the market!

Now I'll let you enjoy some photos from the staff Christmas night out...

My farewell beer.

Train stout

A ghost admiring his whiskey...

Zak somehow ended up with all the glasses...

...and was clearly happy about it!

Essential snacking


  1. Wait, you bastards drank that bottle of Pangaea without me??!!

  2. The Pangaea was drunk after we shut on New Years Eve. I've still got some Dogfish Head Robert Johnson's Hellhound, and 120min IPA to drink with the rest of the crew ;)

    Bye Ben, I'll miss your beard :_(

  3. Now you're free to come to the beer bloggers conference!

    ...and Ghostie has a face!

  4. ... and what a pretty drunken face it is! :)

  5. Good luck and thanks for all the advice in the shop over the last year or so!

  6. Only just logged on fellas. Cheers for the kind words. And Steve, switching from part-time to full-time actually means I have less free time!

  7. Yeah but more holiday and no colleagues wanting the same time off!